Friday, February 4, 2011

Prayer request from URI Noon Friday February 4

This important request came from United Religions Initiative (URI) this morning:

The URI Women's Coalition MCC is comprised of CC's around the world who are concerned about women's welfare. The Four Coordinators have been very moved and concerned by the recent demonstrations and violence in different parts of the MENA region especially in Egypt. We're aware that other countries in other regions are also currently threatened by violence and instability.

As we pray for an end to violence, we're moved to connect with the women and mothers who are fearful about the safety and well-being of their husbands and children. We ask for the protection of the Divine Mother to safeguard everyone and to restore harmony among people struggling for a better future for their families.

We're asking women all over the world to join us in a garland of prayers Friday at 12 noon wherever they are -- to join Egyptian mothers in praying for the safety and protection of their children, and for peace to prevail in Egypt and in the world.

Please join us.

Much love,
Ardey Turner
Despina Namwembe
Elana Rozenman
Yoland Trevino
URI Women's Coalition MCC

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