Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Good Question

Recently, William Paul of Magazine asked me What makes women’s spirituality different than men’s these days? This is my answer.

I do see something fascinating happening right now among spiritual women I know – a shared sense of excitement and urgency about showing up fully and stepping into the potential of this moment in human history. Many women are feeling restless and knowing in their bones that ‘Now is the time’. It feels like a collective preparation for an impending birth. As women, we know something important about birthing and I think we are relieved that the world seems to be asking for our wisdom and experience after so many centuries of being shut out of leadership, marginalized and unheard. We are finding our individual voices and we are weaving communities of connection so that we can listen to and learn from one another. Spirituality is the heartbeat of this organic process, which feels congruent and natural for many of us. There is a rising energy of the Sacred Feminine afoot among us and a lively discussion about the impact of having a God who is defined as masculine in many of the major religious traditions. There is a sense of remembering an aspect of ourselves, what Vajra Ma describes as ‘women’s natural spiritual authority.’ In this context, authority does not mean power over others but more an awakening to our own powerful gifts offered in service of the divine.

The men in my life are witnessing and supporting this journey and it is the same for many women I know. At our recent Retreat for North American women spiritual leaders, one of the women spoke about her husband’s reaction to her new passion: “He sees what is needed in humanity right now is a transformation in consciousness, and he sees that women are going to lead that transformation.”

I also see that sometimes men reacts with concern and confusion. They see this growing, buzzing hive of women and are not exactly sure what we are doing and what it means for them. I don’t see the same kind of collective energy or community taking form among spiritual men right now. That might happen organically if men are hungry to explore the same kinds of questions.

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