Thursday, April 8, 2010


I walked to my mailbox a few days ago and found a delightful surprise waiting for me: the most recent issue of Newsweek featuring the question "WHAT WOULD MARY DO?" on the cover. The subtitle "How women can save the Catholic church from its sins" was equally validating and stimulating.

Just days before the magazine arrived, I was having a conversation with my husband and teenage son about the latest scandals rocking the Catholic church. My husband, who was raised in the Catholic church and educated in their schools, expressed concern that the church may not be able to recover from this growing tide of trouble. My response was not a surprise to my family members: I believe it will be the women of the Catholic church who will help this institution remember its authentic purpose and be restored to grace.

When my husband saw the Newsweek cover, he declared that I was a prophet.. and suggested maybe I could finally find a way to generate some income with my passionate belief in the healing potential of the feminine.

It is an amazing experience to be validated by both Newsweek and my husband in the same day.

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