Monday, January 11, 2010

Our Time Has Come

I wrote this for the January issue of the Gather the Women Newsletter:

I have come home from the Parliament of the World’s Religions filled with awe for the brilliance of Mother’s plan and with a new understanding of my own role within that intricate pattern. The Sacred Feminine rose up in Melbourne and I think She is inviting all of us to join Her.

My memories are a mosaic of profound moments and distinct voices ~

~ His Holiness Ravi Shankar at the Opening Plenary reminded me that “Faith gives us the responsibility to make this a happy society.”

~ On a panel discussing Breaking Through Patriarchy, Sister Joan Chittister dreams about a time when “all things that women want will happen and all things that women fear will end.”

~ I am transported by the clarity of Cath Connelly’s harp as she played her original composition ‘Veriditas’ at our Creative Exploration of the Sacred Feminine. Veriditas is a word invented by Hildegard of Bingen which means ‘the greening energy of the creation of the world.’

~ Thanking Phyllis Currot for holding the space for Divine Feminine at the Parliament for more than 16 years.

~The Open Space session with Sister Joan that grew to be an event within the event because the attendees were so hungry for her powerful message about women, leadership, divinity and the church.

~ From Jake Swamp, a former Chief of the Mohawk people: “I don’t think the Peacemaker made a mistake when he put the women in charge of who should be a leader.”

~ Glenys Livingstone’s powerful altar created as a ‘template of wholeness’ in the workshop on “The New Archaic: Neuroscience, Spiritual Practice and Healing”.

~ On the last day, I am riveted by a narrative describing how the Parliament plenary sessions were created “not through a process of consensus by rather of convergence.” I have been meditating on that distinction ever since.

This Parliament was buzzing with feminine energy. Everywhere I went people were talking about Earth-based spirituality, the Sacred Feminine, feminine principles, women’s leadership and women’s issues. Our little pink buttons with the question ‘What happens when women lead?’ showed up sprinkled liberally among the 3,000 attendees and there was a full page of workshops listed under the Program Cluster ‘Women in Leadership’. The Sacred Feminine showed up at this Parliament as a brilliant kaleidoscope made up of the bright lights of the many women (and men) who showed up to embody Her.

I came away with a powerful sense that our time as women has come …. here and now …and I was awakened to the need for another personal shift to be ready for this moment. I realized I had grown too accustomed to the realities of arriving early for the revolution: committed to peace in a world that is still busy making war; working for social justice in a world still putting profit before humanity; passionate about the value of the feminine in a patriarchal culture. Being early meant I had good reason to become an expert at waiting and had developed a vast capacity for patience.

But that was yesterday.

Today’s opportunity calls for a new set of behaviors and skills. We each carry a unique piece of the new paradigm and every piece is important. Since Melbourne, I am aware of a deeper sense of responsibility to bring my piece with more clarity and power. Now I am excited to fit my piece into this magnificent puzzle next to yours.

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