Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Illusion of Separation

I spent the past weekend in Seattle at a gathering of women. Out of our circles and conversations, there arose some threads that keep dancing around together in my head:

The subject of the Burning Times kept rising in the room like smoke. First one and then another and then another spoke of the memories still carried in our feminine bones and in our DNA, of how those memories hold us hostage even now and how we white women of European descent are trying to find our way back through the smoke to remember our natural spiritual authority. I shared one of my recent art pieces that I had struggled to allow last winter .... called 'Burning Times'.
We were blessed to receive the teachings of Patricia-Anne Davis, born of the Mississippi Band of the Choctaw for the Taa Chii nii Clan of the Navaho Nation. With Patricia as our guide, we experienced an indigenous healing ceremony which asked us to name the out of balance condition in our world. Our group consensus was the illusion of separation from the Divine Creator.
It is time now for we women to remember our connection to the Divine and to come forward with our spiritual leadership. It is that simple and that complex.

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