Friday, May 22, 2009

Soul of the Mother

I have just returned from Soul of the Mother, the lodge where Mohawk ceremonial leader Diane Longboat and the members of her Governing Council maintain the Sacred Fire of the Great Peace. This fire has been burning continuously for more than four years and serves as the sacred center of ceremony, healing and teaching work just outside the Six Nations Reserve in Ontario, Canada.

The mission statement of Soul of the Mother can be found on their website: "Our mission is to offer Ancient Indigenous wisdom as a means of awakening the true loving essence of the human spirit. We join with the natural rhythm of the heartbeat of our Mother Earth and we are governed by the sacred world of the Spirit."

It was an honor and a blessing to experience that mission in action as one of seven white women warmly welcomed into dialogue and ceremony at the lodge. As we sat circled around the Sacred Fire with the beat of the drum sharing our visions and passions, I could feel an ancient and powerful through-line connecting me to Creator, through my own spiritual lineage and to my deep love for this Earth. As we spoke about our ancestors, each of us a complex blending of races and cultures, I could see the intricately woven web of humanity and the embodied truth that we are all One. As we spoke of the ancient past and the challenges of the future, I was reminded anew of my own divine assignment in this moment.

Soul of the Mother will carry ashes from the Sacred Fire of the Great Peace to Greenland in July 2009 for the Aasivik Fire and Ice Ceremony ( ) and to Africa in 2010. I strongly encourage you to make a donation to help them with this sacred work. You can find out more at

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