Sunday, April 26, 2009

Women's Spiritual Coalition

Calling women of Spirit!

Women who call upon the Divine using many different names
and who represent many diverse spiritual traditions
are arising and gathering
united by their vision of a better world.

If you recognize yourself in these words, you are may want to explore a new collaborative community of women and organizations coming together under the banner
Women's Spiritual Coalition.

This initiative is just beginning to take shape, guided by a core circle of women who have histories with several diverse organizations and multiple spiritual traditions. This core is dedicated to:

  • listening deeply to the wisdom and inspiration of many
  • holding the space for the emergence of divine guidance and collective vision
  • self-organizing using feminine principles and practices
  • creating opportunities for inquiry and collaborative conversations locally, regionally, nationally and globally
  • discovering together projects, actions, activities and intentions which will nurture and magnify the spiritual leadership of women and contribute to global transformation

Over the next year, we will be hosting dialogues and conversations as an inquiry to explore this potential at a number of events and conferences, including the Parliament of World Religions in Melbourne, Australia.

You are warmly welcomed into this sacred space where we can explore together the many dimensions of the sacred feminine, the healing potential of feminine leadership and new paradigms of collaboration.

For more information, contact or

Sunday, April 5, 2009

4 Girls Glocal Leadership

Yesterday, thirty women gathered on my back patio for Afternoon Tea and Global Connections. It was a wonderful gathering. This sun was warm; the roses were bursting into bloom; there were lots of desserts; and the conversation about the local/global connection was inspiring.

Our guest of honor was Jin In, dynamic founder of 4 Girls Glocal Leadership ( Jin spoke of her passion for empowering girls in all parts of the world and her belief that developing the leadership potential of girls is essential to the economic and social well-being of any country. Her program is built upon a multi-generational model, training young leaders of college age who in turn reach out to do training with girls on the local level. 4GGL is currently planning a major project in Pakistan, Afganistan and India that will reach across national, cultural and religious boundaries.

Jin welcomed these Southern California women as the newest members of 1000 LEADERS, a leadership challenge to show that everyday people CAN change the world. Until Mother's Day, just as every mother makes her children a priority, YOU can make the world's poorest girls a priority by becoming a LEADER. It starts with $10 and your gift can honor your mother by naming her as the LEADER. 4GGL will acknowledge and name all 1000 LEADERS at the end of the Challenge.

Leaders from numerous other global initiatives were also involved in this gathering, including Gather the Women, Sophia 2010, The Hunger Project, and United Religions Initiative. We all had the opportunity to explore the local/global connections that are just waiting to be activated ... literally in our own backyard!