Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Spring Equinox

In the early morning hours of Friday March 20, the spring equinox will occur. This is a moment when the hours of daylight are exactly balanced with the hours of darkness and it signals the coming of spring with all of its magnificence. Days will get longer and warmer and that amazing shade of light green will begin to appear on the bare branches as the persistance of the life force rises.

I will be gathering tonight to celebrate the equinox with a circle of my friends, just as we gather to celebrate all the solstices and equinoxes. We will laugh and talk and we will definitely eat (in our usual delicious potluck style). We will also be doing a quiet ceremony to each reaffirm our dedication to our sacred calling.

May the change of the seasons awaken your senses and stir your dreams. May you discover a thriving living impulse growing from a seed that was planted long ago. I hope your Divine Assignment reaches out to enfold you in its loving tendrils and surround you in the mystery.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Living Celtic Spiritual Tradition

Last week I had the blessing of learning about the 'Living Celtic Spiritual Tradition' of Ceile De. Our teacher, Fionntulach, traveled from Scotland and will be spending several weeks in locations across the U.S. sharing stories, chants and spiritual practices from the Ceile De tradition. Her voice is still singing in my heart and the remarkably integrated spiritual teachings are still vibrating in my bones.

I found it profoundly healing to be in the presence of this balanced spirituality, where both Father and Mother aspects of God are equally celebrated and honored. Fionn relates that Celtic culture was always gender balanced, with women having the same roles, rights and responsibilities as men. Women were welcomed as warriors and leaders and spiritual teachers. This balance is woven into the fabric of the spiritual tradition, which seeks to bring equally the light of the Mother Earth and the light of Father Heaven into the human heart.

You can learn more about Ceila De at