Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mystery rising

Welcome to 2009!

This past weekend I participated in another wonderful weekend of goddess painting with a small group of women. Gathered and guided by Charlotte Backman, we came together to be inspired by the quote "When order crumbles, mystery rises." (From John Shea's book Stories of God)

We could all agree that we find ourselves deep in a time of crumbling order ~ politically, economically, personally, emotionally. And yet there is also something exciting about the opportunity for new paradigms to emerge and the space that is being opened for creative new ideas.

As we flow together forward into the new year, let's really enjoy the paradox, the ambiguity and the quiet center of the deep mystery that is rising. By the way: The lunar new year is January 26 and Mercury is retrograde until February 1 ... so don't be concerned if you are still feeling a bit fuzzy about the exact shape of things to come.

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