Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Poised on the edge of something new

Everywhere I look these days, someone is celebrating the good news that humanity is about to break through the old patterns into a new paradigm of collaboration, compassion and creative abundance. We are almost there! Any day now! Maybe we've already crossed over but we just haven't adjusted yet to the new energy!

At the same time, in my personal communications with friends and loved ones, many have been acknowledging that they've never felt so adrift. They have been using words like 'stuck', 'depressed', 'raw', 'unispired' ... sometimes even 'hopeless'. One friend says she is "buried in the hole that is my emerging self...a bit tender and raw as I wait for the wings to dry and the skin to toughen up a bit". Another describes she is hoping time will speed up till she gets "over the hump."

Maybe both are true at the same time. Maybe transformation does not happen as some lightening flash, some miraculous lottery win bringing instant ease and abundance. Maybe transformation happens one person at time, one moment at a time as we allow ourselves feel all of our feelings and to love ourselves just as we are.

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