Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Peaceful Solstice to You

Once again I have gotten caught up in the whirl of the holiday season. Lots of parties and gatherings, lots of laughing and talking, lots of eating and drinking, lots of connecting with people I see only at this festive time of year.

My family will leave on Friday to travel back to Wisconsin to celebrate two early Christmases with both of our families-of-origin. The weather forecast in the heartland has been reading like something out of campy holiday comedy: "a high of zero degrees with a wind chill of minus 18". It takes our breath away. We are scurrying about trying to find our long underwear and wool socks.

And when I can be still in the midst of all this hustle and bustle, I do hear a quiet pulse of something new taking form within me. Something mysterious and exciting is gestating. I am pregnant with something new and different. I will find some moments during this solstice season to be alone and quiet with this feeling of being pregnant and I will surrender to not knowing where this process will take me.

I send you heartfelt wishes for a peaceful solstice, a happy holiday, an abundant new year and a joyous inauguration day!

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