Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I was there! Constellations of Hope

Some day I will tell my grandchildren:

I was there!

I was at the first Constellations of Hope gathering, when remarkable women representing more than 40 women's organizations came together for an intense conversation in search of unity. They came bringing all the diverse colors of humanity - red, yellow, black and white. They spoke from their hearts about their yearnings and passions. They came face to face with their own assumptions about one another, about feminine leadership and about collaboration. They stepped into the fire with honest dialogue at the same time that they held the rim of our circle, committed to respecting and honoring all voices equally. They gathered around a self-organizing altar which held symbols of their hopes and inspirations and which quietly generated the heartbeat for their gathering.

It will take time for me to integrate all my learnings and to process all my feelings. For now, it is enough to know that something big happened this weekend that has already begun to ripple out across the universe. And I was there.

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