Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Message from White Buffalo Calf Woman

It feels important today to share this message, which came to Beth Blevins of Sonoma County, California on March 7, 2006. You can see Beth's blog at Beth was advised to share this message with all her sisters -- the women all over the world.

I am the one of the one of the One. You are the daughter of the daughter of the One. You are the one to bring forth the light. Tell this to all your sisters, for you are the ones to bring it forth.

My energy is returning to this world. Together we will return the Sacred Feminine energy to its fullness. This fullness will be joy, compassion, love, gentleness, wise use of power, and at times, severity (the moons pass quickly now, and you must journey with the fearlessness of mother bear). Be in your power. Be not afraid to be who you are. Speak with others with knowing.

I am as the buffalo—once strong and covering the plains of the Mother Earth, then weakened and taken, dying away. But now it is time to return to fullness. As the buffalo multiply, so shall my power. As awareness returns to the people, so shall the Sacred Feminine cover the Earth, the Great Mother Earth!

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