Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What am I 'feeling into' at this time?

Lynda Terry, founder of Vessels of Peace, wrote today inviting people to share what they were 'feeling into' about the energy of the heart and soul of our country in this amazing moment. This is what I sent to her:

I can feel the falling apart of old patterns and paradigms keenly. I can actually hear the sound of the cracking and shifting structures and the exclamations of fear as they occur. The experience is like a series of eathquakes where everything moves violently for a time and then we pause, sometimes breathless, waiting to see if all is going to be OK.

My bones know all is eventually going to be far beyond OK - a whole new paradigm of peaceful, cooperative, sustainable and compassionate humanity - and they also know that for this time between, it is going to be complex and challenging.

My service is to continually invite women to bring forward both their deepest remembering that all is exactly as it should be and their profound wisdom about how to show up in useful ways during the challenging parts.

I trust the women to bring their highest wisdom on behalf of the greatest good.

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