Monday, September 15, 2008

Leading Us Away From Fear

These days, I keep thinking of the Zen wisdom:
Be careful what you ask for because you might get it.

Like many, I am passionate about manifesting more women in positions of viable and visible leadership. The past days of our presidential campaign have made me realize I apparently forgot to specify the most important part of my intention: I really need my world leaders (whatever their gender) to carry the feminine qualities of nurturing, compassion, balance, intuition, integration and wholeness.

I need my leaders to function as global citizens who understand and value the intricate and delicate interdependence of all humanity. I need them to lead from a place of highest service to planetary well-being. I need them to fly high above the noisy conflicts and use the hawk's persective to see the biggest possible picture of this moment in human history. I need them to feel the fierce love of a mother for this whole fragile planet and not just our little corner of it. I need them to risk walking away from the old political playbook to show up with authenticity and creativity. And I really, really need them to lead us away from fear.

Every time I hear a political candidate caution that we need to be vigilant and isolating because this is a 'dangerous world', I turn off my television. The world where I live is only dangerous because of people who want to label, judge, devalue and attack the 'other'. I refuse to give any of my energy to a political candidate who advocates more separation and who contributes to a deepening climate of fear.

My prayer for our nation is that we each of us rise up to our highest selves and that we collectively choose to move beyond fear. My prayer is for each of us to actively participate in creating the peacefully productive world we want. And my prayer for this 2008 presidential election is a candidate who boldy and visibly begins TODAY to lead us away from fear and judgement and separation. I maintain a deep faith that such a leader will be celebrated and joined by millions and millions of wise and powerful souls who have been waiting to exhale.


bruce said...

Thank you so much for this, Kathe. It has been MY dream -- that the "wisdom of women" could be a leadership force in inspiring the world away from a politics of fear and blame, and into a politics of co-creativity and mutual respect.

Mary said...

YES! People often mistake my blog "In Women We Trust" for something that is activist in nature. It is about exactly what you have captured so well, bringing sanity and peace back as a virture. I will be voting for Obama for that very reason. Hate begets hate.