Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Don't See Your Feet Moving

When my son Cody was about 20 months old and playing with a toy train on the family room floor, he called repeatedly to invite his dad to come play with him. Dad said yes with his voice .... but stayed in his chair focused on finishing a newspaper article. Cody walked over to look into his dad's eyes and said with genuine confusion "But I don't see your feet moving." No one present at the time will ever forget the power of this simple observation spoken from a place of innocence and truth.

In a week, Cody will celebrate his 15th birthday. While he has grown to be over six feet tall and busy with passions that range from his rock band to bodyboarding to photography, he has maintained his capacity for clear insight packaged in simple questions. Yesterday we were listening together to some music from the late sixties and talking about the activism stirred up by the Vietnam war. He got very quiet for a while and then asked "Why don't people care about this war?"

Why indeed?

Of course, the answer to that question is long and complicated. I know many people who care passionately about the state of our world and who are working creatively to bring about change. I know some people who do stand on a street corner one day every week, holding a sign inviting people to honk if they believe the war is wrong. I know some people who have come to believe that the old paradigm of protest and revolution is no longer the answer and who are exploring new energies of 'subtle activism', self-organizing action, circle dialogue and global resonance. I also know many people who feel overwhelmed and paralyzed by the enormity of the challenges facing us on the planet. I know many people who have grown cynical about governments that are too corrupt and leaders who are too uninspired and problems that are too complex.

There are no easy answers in these transformational times.... except maybe to have faith that we can find our way back to cooperation, mutuality and unity. And to move your feet in the general direction of that vision in some way every day.

Faith with feet may just get us there.


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