Monday, April 28, 2008

The Freedom to Choose

I was rather startled to notice today that I haven't written anything new on my blog for almost a month. I remember having the intention many times ... and then there was always an abundance of other rich and creative things to do. I realize that I am truly blessed with sovereignty: the freedom to choose.

During April, there have been several juicy meetings with wonderful women including a trip to the East Coast. New friends and co-creators from the Jaipur summit have been tuning in to explore ideas and possible projects; several visits are on the horizon. My friend Charlotte Backman invited a circle of us to join her for a new 'goddess' painting class and I discovered that I am called to create many different divine feminine images -- so many that I finally bought paints and set up a studio in my home (a much simpler solution than moving in with Charlotte so that I could have access to her paints 24/7). It is a hot spring in my gardens and there is much work to be done to keep up with the abundance of nature. I have enjoyed many sunsets, watching the hummingbirds dart from flower to flower and I have made a commitment to put bluebird boxes in my trees so that we can help contribute to the continuation of this beautiful species. And I enjoyed a nap now and then on a quiet afternoon.

I was sharing a wonderful lunch recently with Vivian and Audrey Heredia, the mother- daughter team that has nurtured the McCharles House in Old Towne Tustin for the past 25 years. We are all three enjoying a new phase of our lives, having gently set down some old responsiblities and allowing nature to inform us with more space and freedom. When I remarked that I have fewer commitments on my calendar than I have had for years and yet there is so much creativity flowing out of me that my time is full, Audrey replied: "Just like taking off a girdle ... you can relax and expand."

Saturday I will facilitate a workshop on feminine leadership called At the Intersection of Sovereign and Sacred. An intimate circle of women will gather in a lovely garden to explore the abundance of our gifts and the mysteries of our unique cosmic blueprints. When I first birthed the idea for this workshop, I thought that because of my own experiences with leadership I had something important to teach. Now I realize something more about the real power of living at the intersection of sovereign and sacred ... and I am excited to show up on Saturday to listen, to relax and to allow myself to expand.

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