Wednesday, March 5, 2008

India: The Grace in the Space Between

I have been traveling now in India for two weeks and have just settled in the hotel in Jaipur where the Global Peace Initiative of Women will convene it's global summit of women tomorrow.
I have not looked at a computer in that time, but just stayed focused on the experiences as they came to me.

It has been a magical journey so far with so many incredible moments of connection; I have not begun to integrate all of the brilliant pieces yet but in the next week will try to sit down here and share some of those moments.

For now, all that seems important to say is that I have been awed by the power of the grace in the spaces between the many flowing elements of life in this country. There is a constant movement of camels and cows, of big trucks lovingly decorated with bright colors and shiney streamers, of millions of scooters and motorbikes and rickshaws and tiny taxis, of women floating past in their bright saris, of herds of goats and sheep, of tractors pulling huge loads of grain or grasses wrapped in enormous pouches of canvas. There are moments when it does not seem possible that all of those elements could possibly coexist, and yet they do with an ease and a flowing grace that reminds me that there is indeed a strong divine force of love and protection here.

More to come about the people who have been a blessing along the way and the women who gather here for the Summit.


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